Hawaii Tiki Bowl Overview

  • Each team is coached by two current & former college coaches from across the USA.
  • All players will be from the Class of 2024.
  • The Hawaii Tiki Bowl event will be 6 days & 5 nights.
  • You will stay in a Waikiki Hotel.
  • Event cost is $3,295 per traveler. Athletes stay 4 per room and family members will stay 2 per room.
  • The Hawaii Tiki Bowl gives high school seniors an opportunity to play their last high school football game in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

How Are Teams Formed

  • Each team will consist of 35-40 players. Our rosters are small because we want to make sure that each player gets plenty of playing time.
  • Players are recommended by College & High School coaches as well as the nation’s top recruiting service.
  • Some players submit their own Hudl video for review and consideration to receive and invitation to our event.
  • Our college coaching staff create team rosters to insure there are enough players at each position to be competitive in this event
  • Player film is evaluated to make sure that the talent is spread evenly throughout each team.
  • Players from the same school or that know each other can request to play on the same team. They can also room together in the hotel.

Class of 2024 Events

Select the event that best fits your schedule

December 16-21, 2023 or January 3-8, 2024

Day 1 - Fly to Hawaii

Depart Your Home City (early a.m.)

Arrive Honolulu, Hawaii (early evening)
Today you will fly from your home airport to Honolulu, Hawaii. Upon arrival at the Honolulu Airport, go to your assigned baggage claim and retrieve your luggage. Then proceed to Baggage Claim Area #31 where a member of the Hawaii Tiki Bowl staff will greet you and take you outside to your hotel transportation.

After you arrive at the hotel you will check-in at the front desk and then proceed to check-in with the Hawaii Tiki Bowl staff and meet your College Coaches. After hotel check-in, the remainder of the afternoon/evening is yours to explore the Waikiki area.

Day 2 - Sightseeing

Sightseeing Day - Beach Photo Shoot
Today you and your team will tour the island of Oahu. The tour bus will leave the hotel at 8:00 AM for the Aloha Stadium Shopping Market. This is a great place to do your shopping for the week. We then continue to the fabulous Pali Lookout where you will have the chance to take breathtaking photos with your teammates. Our sightseeing journey finishes with some of Oahu's most beautiful scenery which includes: the Halona Blow Hole, Hanauama Bay and a team photo shoot at Sandy Beach.

Day 3 - Practice, Free Day

Morning Practice, Hawaiian Olympics, Free Day
Your team will practice during the early morning. Following practice you and your team will compete in the Hawaiian Olympics. This event will be one of the highlights of the week where you will compete in Polynesian games such as: Huli Huli, Catching Hogs, Warrior Tug and Hawaiian Fear Factor.

The rest of the day is a perfect opportunity to explore the island of Oahu. You may want to take an optional sightseeing excursion such as snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, or many other exciting Hawaiian adventures. Whatever your choice, this day will be one to remember.

Day 4 - Practice & Luau

Day at Your Leisure – Polynesian Luau & Dinner
Again today, your team will practice in the early morning. You will have the afternoon free to enjoy Waikiki Beach. The day concludes with an evening authentic Polynesian Luau, which is sure to be one of the highlights of your week.

Day 5 - Game Day

Hawaii Tiki Bowl - Game Day
This is the day you’ve been waiting for...it's Game Day in the Hawaii Tiki Bowl. We will depart the hotel in the early morning and travel to the stadium. This will surely be one of the best football experiences of your life. After the games are complete, you and your teammates will want to enjoy your last night in Hawaii at one of the island’s fine restaurants or maybe hanging out one last time on Waikiki Beach.

Day 6 - Travel Home

Day at Leisure - Depart for Home
You and your teammates will have the morning and afternoon free to get in one last swim or maybe take the surfing lesson you've put off all week. Departures for the airport occur throughout the afternoon and evening for your flight home.

What Is Included

  • Airline Ticket
  • Hotel – 4 Athletes per room, 2 Adults per room
  • Transportation to All Group Sponsored Activities
  • Group Sightseeing
  • Team Luau Dinner & Polynesian Show
  • Hawaiian Lei Greeting
  • Game Jersey, Backpack, T-Shirt, ID Badge, Bag Tags
  • Official Hawaii Tiki Bowl Game Ball

What Is Not Included

  • Meals – only meal provided is the Luau Dinner
  • Football Equipment – You must bring ALL of your own equipment
  • Luggage Fees
  • Trip Insurance
  • Optional Sightseeing Excursions


How does the Hawaii Tiki Bowl select athletes for invitations?

Our recruiting staff seeks out athletes that we feel have the potential to play college football. A large percentage of the athletes that are selected for invitations will play football at the collegiate level. We work directly with college coaches and the #1 National Recruiting Service to invite athletes who can compete in the Hawaii Tiki Bowl Senior All-Star game.

Can parents and/or other relatives go?

Absolutely. The cost for parents and family members is $3,295 (the same as the cost for the athlete) which includes: round trip airfare, hotel (based on double occupancy for parents and family members), transportation, admission ticket to the Hawaii Tiki Bowl game, luau dinner & show, group sightseeing on the team bus and all team activities. The only thing you won’t get to do is play in the game (a little humor).

Approximately 40-50% of our travel group each year is made up of parents and family members of the athlete. Family members are invited and encouraged to travel to the Hawaii Tiki Bowl as a “Traveling Companion”.

The benefits of traveling to the Hawaii Tiki Bowl as an “Traveling Companion”:

  • Sign up the same time as your son and we will guarantee you will be on the same flights to and from Hawaii. If you sign up separately there is a good chance that you won’t be on the same flights.
  • Double Room Occupancy for Traveling Companions - 2 persons per room. Athletes stay with their teammates - 4 per room and will share a bed with a teammate (if an athlete wants his own bed, he can pay an additional $385 for the single bedding upgrade).
  • Hawaiian Lei Greeting
  • You will have tickets to the team Luau Dinner & Show.
  • You will travel with the team on the Charter Bus to all sightseeing events and Game Day.
  • You will be included in all private functions and group activities.
  • You will receive a Hawaii Tiki Bowl - Game Day Pass (valued at $50.00).
  • You will receive a trip T-shirt, ID Badge, and Luggage Tags.

What is the grade level for this event?

This event is open to current Juniors, who will graduate in the Class of 2024. This is an invitation only event. If you are interested in receiving an invitation, please call our office at 918-608-8800 and we will be glad to talk with you about our selection process.

Are there scholarships or fundraising assistance available?

The Hawaii Tiki Bowl cannot give any type of scholarships or financial assistance due to our close working relationships with college coaches. However, most of our athletes do some type of fundraising on their own to help offset the cost of participation. We have a couple of fundraising opportunities that many athletes have used to raise the entire amount needed to attend this event. Click here to view our fundraising page.


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