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Now that your letters are printed, we suggest that you hand deliver the letters to businesses, local organizations and family members in your area. Delivering the letter in person allows you to tell your story about the event and how this opportunity will benefit you.


  • You can view an example fundraising letter by clicking here.
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Example Fundraising Letter

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“Playing in an event like this is a dream come true. I am from a small town in Nebraska and I've always wanted to play in a big time event like this. Thanks Hawaii Tiki Bowl for making this possible. I decided not to play college football so this was a great way to end my playing career.”


“Big shout out to my family for helping me make this trip. My world is now bigger than I ever thought possible. Going to this showcase made me realize that there is more out there for me than I ever imagined. You need to do this!!!”


“Having the chance to be coached by college coaches was awesome. This trip was a great transition to college football. My roommates were my teammates, just like it will be in college. I made some of the best friends of my life in just a week. I'm pumped that I was invited to the Hawaii Tiki Bowl. My mom and dad went too. They had a blast.”


“As a parent, I had an fabulous time. You guys did a great job setting up all of the activities for the boys. I thought the luau and show was perfect. There was a good mix of football and free time to enjoy Hawaii. Our family of 4 agree that this was our best vacation ever. We will be back when our youngest son is a senior. Thanks again for making this possible for our family.”

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